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Insane Hit And Run Footage From Comic-Con

This happened during a "Zombie Walk" event... source

Not A Diving Medal Candidate

Well this went about as badly as it could... source

Kid Commonwealth Games Marathon Fail

Poor little bugger... But it's still very funny!!! source

Death Metal Batman

Batman has gone Death Metal and it's very funny!!!

The Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover

So this happened at Comic-Con and it is AWESOME!!!

Small Beer Vs Big Beer

American beer rip-off.

Game of Thrones Blooper Reel

Game of Thrones series 4 blooper reel.

Roomba Battle

A Roomba Battle to the Death!

3 Year Olds Vice Grip

This 3 year old girls vice like grip is amazing.

Passing Out On TV

Blacking out while going live!

Last Week Tonight: Commonwealth Games

John Oliver asks... "How Is This Still A Thing?" source

Kiwi Surfer Tackles Brazilian Who Drops In On His Wave

Dropping in on another surfer's wave is the laid-back sport's greatest crim ...

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