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Kiwi Surfer Tackles Brazilian Who Drops In On His Wave

Dropping in on another surfer's wave is the laid-back sport's greatest crim ...

Scottish Idiot Takes Darts To The Hand

"Should have been a better shot and got him in the head..." source

Old Man Crushing It On The Dancefloor

The old guy from 'Up' is farking loose!!! source

Flip Cup With Miranda Kerr

Watch and enjoy!!!

Hot Girl At Gym Pranks Guys With Orgasms

So would you spot for her? source

How Men Do Their Daughters Hair In The Morning

Man Level 10 Achieved!!! source

Crab Steals Beer Bottle

Typical bloody crabs!!! source

Joaquin Phoenix's Sexy Forehead

When he turns his head sideways something you didn't expect appears... s ...

Guy Hits Huge Ramp With No Landing

Seriously what the F*** was he thinking!!! source

'Game Of Thrones' Theme By The Queens Guard

Do you think they Queen is happy about this or worried someone might be com ...

Penalty Blow Back

It's a penalty goal! Then it's not.

Kids Swearing In Movies Mashup

NSFW! All the best of Kids Swearing in movies.

This Is Why You Don't Sleep At Work

Who said Brazil wouldn't be a fun place after the World Cup loss... source

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