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Pitch Invader Gets Smash At College Football Game

This is what you call a "Rock Bottom Smack Down".

What Happens When You Put A Camera In A Bra?

Exactly what you think  would happen... source

Australian Soldiers Tackling Trees

Why? Because they're Aussies!!! source

Jeff Goldblum Vs Lighting

Two words... OUT STANDING!!!

Rugby Scrumming Into A Bar

When all else fails... source

Loud Eating In The Library Prank

How the hell did he even get any of this stuff into the library?

Someone Always Takes It Too Far...

When the old game of tackle your mates escalates very quickly...

The Greatest Kiss Cam Result EVER

You sir are a legend!!! source

Bent Apple

Classic Conan on the new Apple 6 bending issue.

The Sexiest Moments In Film History

Why the perfect backing track of Queen's "Fat Bottom Girls". Can you name a ...

Is There A Batmobile Hidden Under The Millennium Falcon?

Check out this footage from the studio of the new 'Star Wars' films. What d ...

Cuba Gooding Jr. Is Good At Hockey & Stripping

Cuba Gooding Jr. took part in a intermission contest at a hockey game in Ch ...

The Most Perfectly Timed Drive By Videobomb In Live TV History

This might be the best "F*** Her Right In The P*****" yet... source

The Worst Team Entrance EVER!

They may be little kids but it's still very funny!!! source

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