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Hunt For Ashburton Killer Gunman Continues

Police have named John Henry Tully as a person of interest after two people ...

Apple Boss

This is how you peel a bunch of apples.

SnapChat Disaster

Good times! & then...

The Taser Photoshoot

What happens when you film people in slo-motion being tasered? A great vide ...

Kiwi Bird Poos On Irish Girls Face

Welcome to New Zealand!!! source

Josh Homme - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Here's one for the ladies, Josh Homme soaking wet...

Nicki Minaj - Anaconda (The Fart Remix)

This is the best the song ever sounded...

2 Year Old Scouser Girl Swears After Ice Bucket Challenge

This is pretty funny!!! WARNING: NSFW language source

Lingerie Football League Bench Clearing Brawl

Things get heated and even the coach gets punched!!!

Mitchell Johnson's Six Smashes The Commentary Box Window

It would be fair to say they were scared for their life... source

The Ultimate Prank On a Sleeping Girlfriend

Using 'The Ring' style wake up to terrify your girlfriend... Priceless! ...

The Greatest Faceplant EVER

From the Whistler Cheese Rolling competition and now to be enjoyed by many! ...

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