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A Goat Says What?

6 seconds of awesome.

Proposal Fail

Don't propose in a boat...

Guy Buys First iPhone 6 In Aussie Then Drops It

This is so painful to watch but you just can't look away...

EPIC Slam Dunk Contest Fail

It's like that amazing scene from the movie 'Old School'... source

Russian Jackhammer Wars

This is how Russian does construction...

Homeless Dude Who Survives By Getting Women To Take Him Home

Meet Joe, the homeless dude who has mastered the art of getting women to ta ...

Rage Against The Machine - School Band Version

This is the greatest thing EVER!!! source

Dude Eats Whole Cactus

Why? Who knows...

Rory McIlroy Shot Lands In Fans Pocket

It's all in the hips, it's all in the hips!!!

Kayne West EPIC Everybody Stand Up Wheelchair Fail

Well this is FARKING awkward... source

Formula E Crash

Formula E 2014 Beijing Finish Heidfeld Prost Crash.

Galactic Gear

 Meet the M50 Interceptor with Top Gear in space

Courtney Love Sucks At Guitar

Courtney Love's live guitar & vocal isolated

Sevens Wellington - Rugby Meets Rio

Sevens Wellington is where Rugby meets Awesome! It's about entertainment, r ...

Mike Tyson Calls News Anchor "Piece Of Sh*t" On Live TV

Just waiting for the classic "Mike Tyson Knockout" moment... source

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