Win with Dr. Dog Box aka The Night Wolf

Publish Date
Thursday, 29 March 2018, 9:14AM

Hello there.

You're obviously here because you've had a shocker. You're in the Dog Box and need help getting out of it.

Perhaps you said you were going out for a couple with the boys which turned in to a 2 day bender? Perhaps you watched an episode of your new binge show on Netflix without them?

Whatever the reason, I'm not here to judge, I'm here to get you out of that god-awful cesspit that is the Dog Box.

Listen every Monday from 7pm to me, Matt Ward / Night Wolf; occasional frequenter of said Dog Box and redeemer of yours truly to win GrabOne vouchers in order to schmooze your way out of misery with your better half.

I'll put in some recon work checking out something new every weekend thanks to GrabOne... we are talking sky dives, bus tours, paint balling, virtual flights... the good stuff.  Whatever I can get my hands on to help you out. I'll then report back about what I've gotten up to and you can win GrabOne vouchers to try it out yourself with your significant other (who by then should have you safely out of the Dog Box and back spooning watching the latest episode of The Crown.)

Still not sure if you're in the Dog Box? Use our self-diagnosing Dog Box checklist below:

Dog Box: When your partner won't speak to you or look at you. Most will stay here for between 1-7 days until their partner has calmed down or got over their general bad mood, or their angry reaction to your unacceptable behaviour (drinking binge etc).

Symptoms are:
- Self-Acceptance - that you are on the way there. You could probably stop now and be ok, but you don't want to. For example, if you were drinking for 2 days, you may as well stay out for 3 or 4. 

- Denial - Thinking that your wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend will be ok when you finally decide to come home. 

- Bargaining - After you have been ignored for a period of time (days / hours depending on the severity of the incident), you may try to bargain to get out of the dog-house early. It is a normal reaction, but most try to do this too early. Better to ride it out. 

- Spending - Rational thinking on your part that this has gone on long enough and a willingness to spend money on your partner to get over it. 

- Relapse - When bargaining and spending are unsuccessful, you may decide to go on another bender, or perform the same bad behaviour. 

- Remorse - Feeling that you have done something wrong. Very rare and is only applicable is less than 0.001% of doghouse incidents.

It can be rated on a scale of 1-5.

1 - Cosmetic (1 day stint in doghouse) 

2 - Minor (2-3 days) 

3 - Major (4-5 days) 

4 - Severe(6-7 days) 

5 - Epic (Over 7 days) - This is generally considered more than Dog Box material and more like a Shit Box.

Thanks to GrabOne I have a huge array of things to try EVERY single week. 

Check out all the fun with Dog Box Monday below and grab yourself a fantastic deal to try out new things for yourself right HERE!