Day In Loo Number 2

Publish Date
Wednesday, 5 June 2024, 11:37PM

June is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. Once again, we've teamed with Bowel Cancer NZ and Cotton Softs to raise a crap load of awareness and a sh*t load of cash for Bowel Cancer NZ. 

Day In Loo "Number 2" is all about the SHITS & GIGGLES...

We're spending 12 hours broadcasting from the bog at the Empire Tavern in Auckland and every hour replacing a commercial break with a comedic break featuring a whole bunch of our funny friends.

It will be 12 hours of 'Funny from the Dunny' all in aid of a very important cause.

You can get involved in many ways.

Text LOO to 3779 from today to make an instant $3 donation or head here for all the details and larger donations.

We want you to help..

Use the iHeartRadio Talkback app and send us a joke.  Any kind of joke. It could be crappy, or rude or even a cheesy Dad joke... we need as many as we can to fill up Day in Loo Number 2.

Bowel Cancer is the second-highest cause of Cancer death in NZ, but it shouldn't be - it's beatable and treatable when diagnosed early.

Know the symptoms. Get checked. Take action this Awareness Month! 

Join us from 6am-6pm on the 26th of June at the Empire Tavern in Auckland for Day In Loo Number 2.

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