Baby Boomers went into full rage mode about the ACC's Black Clash commentary

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Monday, 20 January 2020, 8:16PM

The Hot Spring Spas T20 Black Clash in Napier on Friday night was a helluva good time.

The players had a good time, the kids had a good time, Billy Bowden had a good time and The ACC had a great time commentating. Hundreds of thousands of Kiwis turned on their TVs and watched. The match even came to the last ball with a fantastic catch in the deep by Aussie comedian Andy Lee (why are all Australians good at cricket) to win the game for Team Cricket. Bring on next year's Black Clash!

There were a few people however who didn't enjoy it.

Those people named "Norm" or "Betty or "Nancy" were furious at the situation that was unfolding right in front of their eyes and ears. So, they did what any entitled and outraged Baby Boomer does these days. They took to Facebook to scream into the digital ether.

Please enjoy the best of the Baby Boomer tirade on Facebook against the ACC.

God bless you Baby Boomers!

Words by Joseph Durie - Please direct all hate to Joe_Ray_Me on Twitter

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