Ferrari recalls almost every single car it has made since 2005

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Wednesday, 10 August 2022, 8:32AM

Vehicle recalls are just a part of the automotive industry, and they aren't limited to the cheaper brands either, with Ferrari just recently issuing a rather large recall.

According to the Italian manufacturer, over 23,000 vehicles are involved in this recall, which is not far off every single car that the brand has built since 2005.

The recall comes as a result of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in America filing a report that concerns an issue with the braking system.

This report discovered that some vehicles might be fitted with a faulty brake fluid reservoir cap that might not be able to vent pressure. This might lead to a vacuum that could result in a leak.

Ferrari estimates that just one per cent of the vehicles that are being recalled globally will be affected by this issue.

The fix consists of a replacement fluid reservoir cap and a software update that will notify drivers when the fluid gets to a dangerously low level.

Here are all the models concerned:

- 2005-2009 430
- 2019-2020 488 Pista
- 2010-2011 612
- 2005-2011 612 Scaglietti
- 2018-2022 812
- 2009-2017 California
- 2015-2017 California T
- 2013-2017 F12 Berlinetta
- 2017 F12 TDF
- 2016 F60 America
- 2020-2022 F8 Spider
- 2020-2022 F8 Tributo
- 2012-2016 FF
- 2017-2020 GTC4Lusso
- 2018-2020 GTC4Lusso T
- 2013-2015 LaFerrari
- 2017 LaFerrari Aperta
- 2019-2022 Portofino
- 2021-2022 Roma


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