Noel Gallagher throws shade at Glastonbury for being “Woke”

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Monday, 8 July 2024, 11:55AM

It’s fair to say both the Gallagher brothers have a history of throwing their opinions out there and not really ones to shy away from saying some arguably controversial takes. Older brother, Noel has taken aim at Glastonbury, a festival he’s played at twice with Oasis, including famously being a headliner in 1994, same year they released Definitely Maybe

"Don't get me wrong, I fucking love Glastonbury," he recently told The Sun. "I think it's one of the most important things. In fact it's probably the best fucking thing about Britain apart from the Premier League."

Noel went on saying "There are literally hundreds of festivals in the world, and I should know because I've played most if not all of them. The funny thing is, though, there's really only one festival in the world – in the truest sense of the word anyway,"

But now he reckons it’s not quite the same…

"It's getting a bit woke now, that place, and a bit kind of preachy and a bit virtue signalling," he told The Sun. "I don't like it in music — little fucking idiots waving flags around and making political statements and bands taking the stage and saying, 'Hey guys, isn't war ­terrible, yeah? Let's all boo war. Fuck the Tories man,' and all that. It's like, look — play your fucking tunes and get off."

"It's too much. Donate all your money to the cause — that's it, stop yapping about it," he continued. "Everybody knows what's going on in the fucking world, you've got a phone in your pocket that tells you anyway. What is the point of virtue signalling?"

What’s your thoughts?

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