WATCH: Women Almost Dives Straight Into A Sharks Mouth

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Friday, 4 November 2022, 11:06AM

Insane footage showing the moment a woman almost dove into the mouth of a five-metre long shark has gone viral.

The chill reaction from the freediver and conservationist Ocean Ramsey, makes it all the more impressive.

The footage shows her preparing to slip off a boat and enter the water when a tiger shark approaches.

“Wait there. Wow! Holy crap,” a male voice says off camera as the shark swims towards the boat, before rising out of the water and snapping at Ramsey’s flippers.

The diver herself, entirely unfazed, reacts with a cheerful: “Hi Nikki!” She then immediately prepares to enter the water again.

Speaking to the American morning show Today about the incident, Ramsey stressed that while sharks are “wild animals” and “apex predators”, they’re “not monsters”.

“I rushed in the water too fast, and she reacted to that,” she said.

She revealed she had actually known the shark for more than two decades.

“I love that tiger shark. I grew up with that tiger shark, I think we were teenagers at the same time. And so I’ve known her for over 20 years.”

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