Blindspott - A Perfect Storm

Publish Date
Tuesday, 31 January 2023, 8:59AM

Blindspott have unveiled the second instalment to their forthcoming album VOLUMES, with VOLUME ll. Also out is the new personal and inspiring new single ‘A Perfect Storm’.

“We pour so much time and effort into the craft of our songwriting,” says lead vocalist, Damian Alexander. “So being able to finally share VOLUME ll and see it take on its own life is one of the most rewarding parts of making music.”

“I think VOLUME ll shows the many sides of us as musicians.. we have a lot of varied tastes and don’t put any rules on what we think we should sound like and I think it shows.”

'A Perfect Storm’; is a meaningful track about the unconditional love one has for their children. The track features guest vocals from upcoming Tauranga vocalist, Sophie-Maude.

“The new song is about how your children inspire you to be better, and how they reframe the way you see the world,” says Damian Alexander.

Absorb the sounds of Blindspott with this release, and get ready for the final instalment of music to make up their forthcoming album VOLUMES ll.

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