Dolphin Friendly - Radical Desire

Publish Date
Saturday, 1 October 2022, 6:00AM

Hard-hitting no-bull four-piece band DOLPHIN FRIENDLY serve up a boldly powerful, groove-laden rock juggernaut with their outright blistering new single ‘RADICAL DESIRE’.

Following on from the release of first EP single, the psych-rock earworm ‘HERO SKIES’, Dolphin Friendly have set their own cut-throat threshold of gloriously unadulterated rock excess with the explosive, firing-on-all-cylinders salvo that is ‘Radical Desire’.

An all guns blazing blitzkrieg of multi-dimensional vocals, indefectible drums, solid bass grooves and sonic guitar riffs, this is a track superbly and unashamedly rooted in fierce and furious 90’s rock and grunge influences.

Accompanied by a raucous, suitably high-octane and stylish monochrome video, ‘Radical Desire’ was directed and produced by Wade McClelland and Bradon McCaughey. Featuring the band performing, a cameo by a handsome Rottweiler, and the smoking chaos of drifting culture, the video is a fuel-injected fun optic that perfectly echoes the unrestrained energy of the track.

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