Ekko Park - Darling Baby

Publish Date
Monday, 25 July 2022, 11:42AM

Frontman Joe Walsh explains, 'Darling, Baby'. This one grew from a series of fiery conversations between Joe, Alex & Nick during our 2021 Winter Tour. There was a lot of controversy swirling around some very high ranking, well known figures in the industry here. Big guns seemingly as adept at sweeping assault and harrassment under their prized carpets & shiny awards...as they were at being outlandishly & unashamedly prophetic about it on social media posts. It was just so maddening. So we wrote down our feelings. As a male. As a female. As a band. As friends. We saw through the smokescreens, so we broke them down & wrote them down. Through our music we knew we could speak up and have our say. We could scream it out loud.


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