Ekko Park - False Embrace

Publish Date
Saturday, 1 October 2022, 6:00AM

New Zealand's finest rock exports, Ekko Park, have released their brand new EP, UnMute!

UnMute features 4 kick ass tracks. The fury of 
Breakdown, the pop sensibilities of Violent Silent, and the attitude of Darling, Baby are rounded out by the anthemic final track, False Embrace

Frontman Joe Walsh comments on the EP: "UnMute feels like a shift for Ekko Park. Written during and coming out of Covid lockdowns, the world felt like a new place in many ways. 
A lot of confusion, a lot of fear, a lot of doubt. We channeled all that and wrote what would ultimately become our punkiest music yet... maybe it was the tension in the air.

Maybe it was the shit hot music that was starting to arise from the underground scene. Maybe it was always in us. UnMute allowed us to say the things that maybe we never would have before. We didn't set out to choose this route. But damn I'm so glad we took this fork in the road. "

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