Emma Dilemma - Other Girls

Publish Date
Monday, 20 March 2023, 12:15PM

"Other Girls" by Emma Dilemma is a grunge-inspired track that delves into themes of self-doubt and insecurity in relationships. Drawing influences from 90s post-grunge female-led artists like Garbage and Hole, the song features raw, emotional lyrics that explore the feeling of not being good enough for one's partner. Dilemma's restrained vocal delivery adds to the intensity of the stoic, self-deprecating message, making "Other Girls" a somber standout in her more often upbeat and humourous ‘SPIT’ album era. 

The track comes with a music video - Emma’s 10th music video to date in the ‘SPIT’ album era - directed and edited by long-time collaborator, Amber Beaton. Beaton and Dilemma capture the essence of the late 90s post-grunge era with their simple, stripped-back performance video which showcases Emma’s showmanship prowess in an ode to the music videos they both grew up watching on MTV. 

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