Emma Dilemma - Reach Out

Publish Date
Friday, 7 July 2023, 2:05PM

Reach Out is the opening track to Emma's debut album, 'Spit', that came out on 1 July 2022 - debuting at #3 in the NZ Official Top 40 charts!

This quirky guitar-driven song is about the feelings of isolation and ironic loneliness we can feel even when we are in a crowded place; because everyone is living inside the fake world on their phones. 

"I can relate to both sides of the coin – 85% of the time, the anxiety queen in me loves to hide from the eye contact of strangers by looking busy on my phone, but I wrote this one when I was alone in Melbourne working on this album and using packed public transport to get to and from the studio every day for 2 weeks. In a city that was the size of my entire country, there were boundless amounts of interesting looking people I would love to meet but wouldn't even look up to make eye contact with me. I had this feeling of wanting to go up to strangers in public and physically shake them, asking them to look up and connect with me, with the world. Be vulnerable, share your unique genius, BE MY FRIEND PLEASE. You never know which direction your life is going to take from a chance meeting with someone who 'gets' you." – Emma Dilemma

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