Fyveyes - Through

Publish Date
Monday, 31 May 2021, 8:38AM

FYVEYES are a hard rock three-piece from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand comprised of bassist Harry Young, drummer Harper Champion, and frontman, guitarist/vocalist Harry Champion.

The band formed in early 2019, and having tasted success with their debut single ‘Just A Dream’ in March 2019, they recorded their debut album “Elephant Room” during the summer of that year. Eleven of the tracks were recorded at The Porch Studios in Hamilton with producer Regan John McKinnon, while the track ‘You Don’t Know’ was recorded at Roundhead Studios in Auckland, NZ, with Producer Simon Gooding. “Elephant Room” was released on 20th November 2020, a full year after the recording.

FYVEYES carry a raw, bold and hard-hitting rock n’ roll sound with shared influences such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Soundgarden and Royal Blood behind them, as well as many more individual musical influences that make each member’s musicianship unique from the other.

The first single off the album Elephant Room, “Come And Love Me”, was released on 25th September 2020, and set the hard-hitting foundation that was to come of the album. This was quickly followed by their second single off the album ‘Through’, which was released with their official video on 10th December 2020.

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