Ha the Unclear - Strangers

Publish Date
Friday, 30 October 2020, 9:00AM

As is often remarked with this band’s songwriting, Michael Cathro's witty and pithy lyrical phrasing often overlays much deeper and keener observances of life than initial listens might have you believe.

Cathro describes the new song  ‘Strangers’  as “an emphatic celebration of the most common ground of all: temporally mutual existence. It’s an ode to togetherness; the intertwining of our stories as we dance and destroy, love and lose our way from birth to death.“

Bumped into a stranger in an elevator, we're all going up (or down) together.

Directed by Vision Thing, the ‘Strangers’ video takes the song's elevator metaphor and finds two office workers trapped in an elevator while on their way to one of Dave’s quarterly financial presentations held on the 14th floor.

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