Kora - L-OVER

Publish Date
Monday, 5 July 2021, 3:32PM

'L-over' is a heavy funk-rock track, with a message about leaving a toxic relationship and getting your power back. "Take the 'L' out of 'Lover' to find out what is left" is a line that anyone that has experienced a situation like this will connect with and understand. Always crossing the boundaries of genre, Kora's  'L-over' is a song that has power, groove and melody with fresh lil quirks to keep people guessing.

The creation of this track harks back to the roots of Kora's sound with their first EP, remembering songs such as 'See Me', and 'Crazy Things' and the importance of recording the band playing live in the studio together. 

For more about Kora check out their INSTAGRAM page!

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