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Wednesday, 29 November 2023, 10:18AM

Their music carries a profound emotional depth and a sweeping, introspective quality that immerses listeners in a realm of nostalgia and contemplation. Renowned for their explosive and energetic sets, Lunar Intruder started from humble beginnings in a cold Upper Riccarton garage during the first Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, where they set the cornerstone for their influence of music: haunting melodies, introspective lyrics, and powerful instrumentation.

The band was first introduced to the Christchurch Music Scene in 2020, starting out in the backyards of University flats, playing for friends and clubs. From there, they were awarded First Place at the annual University of Canterbury “Battle of the Bands” competition. Since then, Lunar Intruder has gone from strength to strength; hosting a handful of memorable backyard gigs, featuring on TV shows (The Feed), and performing at a multitude of Music Festivals, including Golden Bay's Twisted Frequencies and UCSA's Summer Stein and Tea Party.

This has led them to share the stage with New Zealand and Australian heavyweights: Mako RoadThe GrogansThe ButlersOld MervsSurf Trash, Lazy GhostDolphin FriendlyThere's A TuesdaySummer Thieves, and The Raddlers.

The band released their 2022 debut EP 'Solar Hangover', followed by two more EPs: 'Outerworlds' and ‘Moonlight’(2021). In 2022, they embarked on a nationwide 'The Moonlight Tour'. August 2023 saw them wrapping up the 'Good Dogs Go To Heaven Tour,' another nationwide tour.

Scheduled to release their debut album early next year (2024), get ready to immerse yourself in the evocative sounds of Lunar Intruder.


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