Mermaidens - Sister

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Monday, 20 November 2023, 3:49PM

Mermaidens latest single, "Sister," a mesmerizing anthem that offers listeners  a glimpse into the internal struggles that often remain hidden beneath the surface. 

Masquerading behind a lively, catchy melody, the song delves deep into feelings of anxiety and the challenges of maintaining a facade of happiness.

"Sister is our anxiety anthem! It's a very bubbly song on the surface, but the song is about being a mess. In the chorus, I sing the lyrics 'Sister you've gone sour/You can't be happy all the time.' I always pictured singing this to myself, like a private mantra – and also as if I am my own sister. The chorus lyrics are almost juvenile, like a nursery rhyme or something, but the song is really about pulling myself back from the dark and telling myself it's okay to feel like shit sometimes." - Gussie Larkin

Regarding the song's journey from inception to the final product, Larkin reveals, "Sister has been kicking around since the recording of our previous album Look Me in the Eye in 2018. It took some courage to say yes to the key change between the verses and the chorus - it almost felt too clever for us. But I think this makes the song in the end. This was truly the hardest song on the album to finish, and it literally made me cry a few times."

‘Sister’ follows on from the release of lead single ‘I like to be alone’ which to date has spent two weeks atop the Student Radio Network's Top 10 and inspired denim lovers far and wide with its accompanying video. 

The upcoming album showcases a theme of internal monologues woven throughout its entirety. Larkin reflects on this, stating, "I can hear my voice reasoning with myself throughout the record, and often in the third person." A carefully curated collection, with two distinct sides, Side A boasts bold, loud, and propulsive songs that are driven by big guitar tones and pop-leaning hooks. "Sister" finds its home on this side, featuring warm fuzz tones inspired by bands like The Breeders, L7, and Weezer. The guitar layers in the song received a special touch from Jol Mulholland, who added depth and enthusiasm to the infinite world of guitar tones required for this track. 

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