Midwave Breaks - Souvenirs

Publish Date
Thursday, 9 March 2023, 11:53AM

Tauranga two piece Midwave Breaks return with Souvenirs, a song that came about really to add some extra pace into the mix for their live show, and for the fans too, as their typical writing style tends to sit around that 'mid-pace-bowler' tempo. Says drummer Paul:

"We also just wanted to have some fun with this one, we wanted it to be upbeat and fairly 'riff-centric' on the guitars. There’s definitely an homage nod to QOTSA in there no doubt, and it’s so much fun to play live, which was partly the point, to give ourselves something new to sink our teeth into onstage. The song is about the misguided tendency towards chasing false highs and accolades (collecting Souvenirs), and that ultimately it’s far more rewarding to just be comfortable in your own skin."

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