Midwave Breaks - Standing Inside Out

Publish Date
Friday, 8 March 2024, 10:48AM
The Tauranga Alt-Rock duo have gone full waffle cone, 3 scoops, with choc dip on their latest offering, taking time to deliver the full-production flavour, reinforcing Midwave Breaks infectious sound, seamlessly blending familiar Rock sensibilities, with their distinctive modern flair.


The first radio single from the trio of tracks is All She Was, essentially a love song from lead-singer Bruce to his wife, stylistically channeling some Bruce-Springsteen energy, with a typically catchy chorus, and up-beat rousing instrumental outro.


The title track Standing Inside Out is a high energy flavour combo, with elements of 1970’s guitar motifs, modern Pop-Rock flow, and an unapologetic nod to the multi-layered anthemic vocal styling of their late-80’s youth.


The vision behind the track Here We Go, was to create a captivating opener for their live performance, building through repeated sonic layers, hinting at what’s to come, culminating in an explosive display of energy, which promises to set a powerful scene for their live show.
Standing Inside Out is available NOW on all streaming platforms!

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