Midwave Breaks - Stonewall

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Friday, 20 October 2023, 11:30AM

Tauranga Alt-Rock duo Midwave Breaks are set to storm the Rock Airwaves again with their scorching new single Stonewall.

Clocking in at under 3 minutes, Stonewall delivers a sonic punch from the outset, fusing retrospective dirty-rock-n-roll with a fresh-rock aesthetic, and merging seamlessly with the pulsating energy of a signature Midwave Breaks Chorus, offering yet another sing-along anthem for their growing fanbase across Aotearoa.

Stonewall channels the same high-octane energy as the band’s recent radio hit Souvenirs, which secured it’s place as the most played kiwi song on NZ Rock Radio across April-June, climbing to #2 and spending over 4 months in the top 10 Radioscope Rock Chart, as well as coming in at #198 on the listener-voted Rock 2000 countdown, the highest kiwi debut for 2023.

The dynamic collaboration of Bruce Conlon (singer-songwriter & guitarist), and renowned NZ Music Hall of Fame Drummer Paul Russell (former Supergroove, Che Fu) have spent the past few months in the studio diligently crafting new material, and are stoked to unveil Stonewall as a first glimpse into a new wave of inspired creativity.

Drummer Russell explains Stonewall’s unconventional origin:

“So Bruce hit his pop-up pool with the lawnmower, putting a hole in it, and had to take it down. He’d been putting it off for a while, and as he was heading out to dismantle it, was thinking to himself “I don’t wanna do it but I gotta do it”, and very quickly that became a phrase he was singing in his head, which formed the basis and the opening line of the track!”

Stonewall is available NOW on all streaming platforms!

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