Mild Orange - F.E.A.R

Publish Date
Monday, 21 March 2022, 10:59AM

It’s been a whirlwind of a few months for Aotearoa’s indie legends Mild Orange, who are currently touring the globe on the back of their recently critically acclaimed third album, LOOKING FOR SPACE.

The album debuted at #17 on the Official NZ Top 40 album chart with the current single ‘F.E.A.R’ also charting, coming in at #19 on the Hot 20 NZ Singles chart.

The video, directed and produced by Taylor Mansfield and Shyam Patel, is centered around Mild Orange playing on the ‘Terandara Evening News’ – when everything that can go wrong, goes wrong! “I had a mini obsession with the ‘Eric Andre Show’ last year and loved how he destroys his TV studio set before he starts the show,” says Josh Mehrtens AKA Mehrt. “The show is very over the top (warning, it's certainly not PG). We also had a few live shows last year where we encountered some gremlins on stage, such as amps blowing up, strings breaking, sticks snapping, guitar straps popping off, signals cutting out. So this real life scenario coupled with the chaos witnessed in the Eric Andre show sparked the concept. Terandara is a world that we’ve built for our creations to take place in since our first album - you'll see it in other videos - so naturally the news station we filmed in is there.”

In the song ‘F.E.A.R’ is an acronym for ‘Forget Everything And Relax’, explains Josh. “Fear can prevent us from doing things, which in turn can keep us in our comfort zones and stunt growth. But the song flips fear on its head and embraces it. And in this video so much goes wrong for the band, but you just have to carry on and keep on groovin’.” Mild Orange is a four piece comprising of Mehrt, Jah, Barry and Jack. Their music has resonated with fans everywhere, with streaming numbers soaring beyond 100 million; enabling them to tour their powerful live show around the world whereby this past month they have sold out show in London, NYC, Chicago and San Diego.

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