Pieces Of Molly - I Don't Wanna

Publish Date
Tuesday, 13 September 2022, 2:33PM

Loud, fast-paced, primal rock n roll! This is what Christchurch four-piece Pieces of Molly deliver, and they haven’t held back with their new rock-anthem ‘I Don’t Wanna’.

Building excitement for their debut album in October, ‘I Don’t Wanna’ is the follow-up single to their bone-shaking track ‘Dead Sky’. the self-proclaimed ‘mind-altering riff hypnotists’ have written an anthemic track about the push and pull, or ups and downs, experienced when burning the candle at both ends - and what could be a more perfect anecdote than high-octane primal rock n roll to smash out your feelings too.

“The song was originally ‘shelved’ after we started jamming it,” says lead singer Ewen Glasgow, “but months later I came up with the pre-chorus and it made the song come alive. That’s when we knew it was a banger.”

Not only have Pieces of Molly got the rock look fine-tuned, but it’s also crystal clear they’re a solid group with every member knowing their craft, and how to rock out. Made up of Ewen Glasgow (lead guitar/vocals), Doug Stewart (bass, backing vocals), Sam Kubiak (rhythm guitar, backing vocals) and Kurt Fleming (drums, percussion, backing vocals).


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