Retro Valley - Backseat Lovers

Publish Date
Wednesday, 7 June 2023, 12:28PM


A 5-piece Indie Rock band from Hamilton, compiling the musical talents of Ben,
David, Ethan, Gabe and Mitch. What started as an outlet for their creativity and
musical drives has since turned into an increasingly successful and established kiwi

Retro Valley has shared the stage with established kiwi bands forming connections to
showcase RV's indie-rock sound. Notably opening shows for Summer Thieves,
Muroki, Masaya and Midwave Breaks. As well as playing numerous sold out shows
of their own all over the country.

The name "Retro Valley" is a carefully curated representation of their musical sound
and stage presence, eluding to the indie-rock riffs, groove, and energy of their

An interactive set which showcases the boys ability to control a crowd, and has
everyone crouching leading to the build up of a powerful, energetic chorus that see's
the crowd on their feet, jumping, singing, and wanting more.

Accumilating over 150,000 streams on Spotify alone, all thanks to the captivating
music with the right mix between modern day indie and classic rock, similar sound to
Kings of Leon and Artic Monkeys etc which gives the band a nostalgic feel and adds
an extra element of fan base.

“The stage presence displayed is something to behold as they stand in the centre of
the stage.”

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