Sea Mouse - Side B Track 1

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Friday, 12 March 2021, 3:04PM

A rollicking, modern boogie rock tune, which takes its inspiration from legends such as John Lee Hooker and George Thorogood, ‘Side B Track 1’ is a song all about “wanting to make records”. 

As the title eludes, the band (Seamus Johnson - vocals/guitar; Thomas Friggens - drums; Scott Maynard - bass) had forgotten all about the demo until their engineer Toby brought it up in the studio when they were recording for another project. 

“It had been demoed some time before. Tom and Scott liked it so we just did a few takes and it was done,” says Seamus. 

The song is accompanied by a compelling video, directed by Lee Gingold. “The concept for the video is based around temptation to be hedonistic and learning to overcome that and make better life choices. It sort of stems from peoples’ experiences around drinking too much and finding yourself in bad situations,” says the band. 

With a uniquely fresh take on rock ‘n’ roll, Sea Mouse formed in 2017. A sound transmogrifying between mammoth guitar-driven garage rock tunes with hooks big enough to snag a whale, to the Delta blues of the 1930s, Sea Mouse are all about hard-hitting, well-hewn, rock anthems. 

The band has a number of releases to their name, including their debut self-titled 2017 album, which they describe as a mixtape of savage blues rock and acoustic blues folk. They followed it in 2018 with the double single ‘Skeletons’ and 2020’s sophomore album TROPICAL FISH, which garnered the band a strong following in countries such as Norway, USA, and Brazil.

No strangers to the New Zealand touring circuit, Sea Mouse are a live favourite and not to be missed.


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