Tablefox - Don't Wait For Me To Be What You Want Me To Be

Publish Date
Wednesday, 20 March 2024, 3:29PM

"I am not a vigilante. I am just an ordinary man trying to get home to my daughter's birthday. Now if everyone will just stay out of my way, then nobody will get hurt."


'Don’t Wait For Me To Be What You Want Me To Be' draws inspiration from the 1993 cult movie Falling Down. The song, led by singer Clinton Bell, delves into the complexities of human emotion, exploring the internal conflicts that everyone encounters. The song title itself hints at the central theme, conveying a message about authenticity and not conforming to others' expectations.


The influence of Falling Down is evident in the song's narrative, mirroring the movie's exploration of the struggles faced by the average person. The single confronts the darker voices that can haunt the mind, aligning with the film's themes of idealism, bravado, and the inherent flaws in humanity.


Clinton Bell, reflecting on the creative process, mentions that the band members brought a compelling melody and chords to him. The imagery from Falling Down quickly emerged, but he felt the need to infuse a thread of hope into the narrative. This addition adds a layer of optimism to the song, contrasting with the potentially bleak portrayal of internal struggles. Drawing parallels to the movie's protagonist, Bell notes that while individuals may come close to the edge of breaking, they often refrain from crossing that line, distinguishing them from the character in Falling Down.


The song was engineered by Emily Wheatcroft-Snape at Roundhead Studios, mixed by Scott Seabright (Mumford and Son's, SIX60, Passenger) & mastered by Leon Zervos (Midnight Oil, Aerosmith, INXS).


The single is available March 29 on all streaming services. 

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