The Beths - Silence Is Golden

Publish Date
Wednesday, 15 June 2022, 9:31AM

From the first pulsating line of the opening guitar riff, ‘Silence is Golden’ promises to deliver charisma and charm in spades. With a healthy dose of unabashed expression, and the unwaveringly direct and insightful lyricism we have come to expect from Stokes, the song elucidates one of the core realities of what it is to be human – that sometimes, all we want is to escape our own minds. “How are you not hearing it? The sound, I’d burn the city to the ground just to turn it down” Stokes croons. ‘Silence Is Golden’ acts as a lyrical motif, threading its way through the track with rhythmic repetition; like a self-soothing mantra.

On The Beths’ new album Expert In A Dying Field, Stokes’ songwriting positions her somewhere between being a novelist and a documentarian. The songs collected here are autobiographical, but they’re also character sketches of relationships and more importantly, their aftermaths. The question that hangs in the air: what do you do with how intimately versed you’ve become in a person once they’re gone from your life? The album’s title track ‘Expert In A Dying Field’ introduces the thesis for the record: “How does it feel to be an expert in a dying field? How do you know it’s over when you can’t let go?” Stokes asks. “Love is learned over time ‘til you’re an expert in a dying field.”

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