The Transits - Heartbreak Queen

Publish Date
Friday, 22 March 2024, 2:25PM

Aotearoa NZ-South African band The Transits are a trio of talented musicians and close friends who have been making music on and off together since forming their first band as teenagers in Durban, South Africa, 30 years ago. Comprising of Ryan Lunn (vocals, guitars, synths), Dom Antelme (vocals, bass) and Tyrone Smith (drums), each member has had a music career that’s included live, chart and radio success. Their music pulls you in with its rock-infused punk, indie and synth-pop sound, tight performances and slick production. The decision to get the band back together came about during the pandemic. Ryan contributed his parts in Durban, South Africa and Dom and Tyrone from Auckland, New Zealand. The band says the timing has been serendipitous, with Blink-182 announcing the reunion of their original lineup and a resurgence of the vintage pop-punk sound.l The Transits time is definitely now! Over the course of 2023 they released their hit singles 'When You Went Away', 'Renegade Hearts' and 'Lost Ones' - seeing them receive radio play and placing on the South African Top 40 Charts and the New Zealand RadioScope Alt Chart. Each single has been building anticipation for the release of their debut self-titled album - out 16 February, 2024.

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