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Sunday, 16 June 2024, 6:21PM

Album no.8 ‘Leatherman & the Mojave Green’ is a homecoming of sorts for Troy, returning to the genre of music that ultimately enticed him in to the music industry, rock music.

Inspired in his mid teens by so many artists that have come from or created in the Mojave Desert regions ( Kyuss, QOTSA, Eagles of Death Metal) it was an  easy decision for Troy to record this album in the home of Desert Rock: Joshua Tree, in a studio synonymous with that sound 'Rancho de la Luna'

Rancho is run by Dave Catching,a legend in his right(QOTSA, Eagles of Death Metal, The Mojave Lords etc), and being entrenched in that environment with such deep folklore and rich rocky tapestry, Troys album seemingly formed itself - borrowing sweaty heat from the sandy desert, eclectic melodies from the sunlit mountains, ancient rhythms from sacred caves and a sharp pointy punch from the Joshua Tree Cactus. 

In the midst of song writing Troy was asked to write and perform a song with Dave Catching on the forthcoming Rancho De La Lunas 30th Anniversary Album along side many of Troys musical Heroes. In addition, he will now be playing shows in Vegas and LA, along side those same legends.

 Troy Kingi is a story teller, each album immersed in rich worlds, which inform the writing. ‘Leatherman & the Mojave Green’ takes us out into the desert, where we hear a myriad of stories, one in particular talking of the Sunshine Community Cult tattooing their eyeballs allowing them to stare at the sun and receive its many blessings. 

 The album, is accompanied by a 4 part documentary series “Troy Kingi’s Desert Hikoi”, directed by Tom Hern (The Panthers, The Dark Horse, Guns Akimbo, Shadow in the Clouds), featuring Serj Tankian, Brant Bjork, Dave Catching and many many more OG's of the Califiornian Rock scene. “Troy Kingi’s Desert Hikoi” Premiers on TVNZ+ on demand in May 1st.

Troy Kingi, on his time in the Mojave Desert

 “The trip to Joshua Tree was a timely Godsend - at a pivotal point where I had hit a wall, a blockage, I was waning, struggling creatively with were to go to next with my music, the whole 10/10/10 thing, had it finally broken me?

Being in this place - one of the holiest of holys for me, the birthplace of the greatest rock album of all time ‘ songs for the deaf’ - it was hard not to be inspired by it all - by the crazy Martian like landscape, the people, the foreign-ness, songs started forming in my dreams, rushing to me from the heated horizon, I found my thing again - and it seemed to flow easily like it once did when I first started my journey 8 years ago. The sound we found is definitely different, it’s the most aggressive sound I’ve ever created. “  Troy Kingi

Produced with long time collaborator TeMatera Smith, AllGood Absolute Alternative Records (AAARecords). Ocelli is out May 24th on all Digital Platforms 

 “Leatherman & the Mojave Green ” is out August 23rd 2024

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