Volts - Bleeding Hearts

Publish Date
Friday, 4 August 2023, 1:01AM

Volts Unleashes Emotion and Raw Power with Captivating Single "Bleeding Hearts".

True to their signature style, Volts delivers a sonic assault that blends soaring guitar riffs, pulsating rhythms, and impassioned vocals. The track's anthemic chorus is destined to become a fan-favourite.

The band's relentless dedication to their craft is evident in "Bleeding Hearts," as they effortlessly combine elements of emotive pop rock, post-grunge and metal, creating a sound that is both nostalgic and refreshingly original. Their ability to infuse heavy riffs, catchy hooks and memorable melodies into their music is solidifying their status as one of the most exciting acts in the New Zealand contemporary rock scene.

"Bleeding Hearts" delves into the realm of vulnerability and self-empowerment. The song explores the complexities of life, intertwining introspective lyrics with a heavy and melodic sound.

Volts' lead vocalist, Lorna Coll, describes "Bleeding Hearts" as a cathartic expression of personal experiences and a journey of self-discovery. She states, "This song is a reflection of the intense emotional rollercoaster that accompanies love, conflict and heartbreak. It's about baring your soul, embracing vulnerability, and finding strength in all the turmoil. We hope it resonates with our fans.”

"Bleeding Hearts" follows Volts' previous hit singles, “Wolves" and "When You Go," which received support from NZ On Air and extensive airplay on rock radio. With their unwavering commitment to their artistic vision and a rapidly growing fan base, Volts continues to carve their own path in the music industry.

Volts' new single "Bleeding Hearts" is out now!

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