Volts - This All Ends Tonight

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Wednesday, 13 December 2023, 11:35AM

Volts Unveil Electrifying New Single: This All Ends Tonight 

Powerhouse rock band Volts gears up to release their highly anticipated single, This All Ends Tonight. This electrifying anthem is set to smash the airwaves. 

With an unmistakable fusion of high energy music and soul-stirring melodies, Volts has carved a niche for themselves in the national music scene. This All Ends Tonight is poised to be a game-changer, showcasing the band's evolution in style and sound. 

About the Song:  

Lead vocalist Lorna Coll shares insight into the inspiration behind the single, stating, "This song is a about confronting the dark times we all feel sometimes and emerging into the light.” This All Ends Tonight is a sonic embodiment of the transformative power that lies within all of us. 

The lyrics will take listeners on journey, set against a backdrop of cutting guitar riffs, rolling bass lines, and edgy vocals that define Volts' signature sound. 

About Volts: Volts are a dynamic alternative rock band, known for their raw rock sound and high-octane live performances. Comprised of five fiercely talented individuals, Volts have released a string of rock radio hits and performed throughout New Zealand at range of major festivals including: The Rock 2000 @ Spark Arena, and Electric Avenue. 

Catch them on tour this summer on tour supporting UK rockstars The Darkness and at Rock the Park NYE and Homegrown Festival 2024. 

Stream it now! 

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