Netflix teases mysterious 'Black Mirror' film

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Saturday, 22 December 2018, 9:44AM

Netflix is teasing a mysterious Black Mirror film, expected to drop on the streaming platform on December 28.

Earlier this month, the release date for the fifth season of Black Mirror was leaked from an official Netflix account, confirmed to be December 28.

Now, a Reddit user has noticed that a new Netflix page has been set up for a title called Black Mirror - Bandersnatch, listed as a Netflix original film.

If users search the title, it appears with an image of a loading screen with the caption, "Be right back".

The expanded title reveals a row of screens, each showing scenes of previous Black Mirror episodes. Bandersnatch is logged at 90 minutes long.

Some fans have spotted that Bandersnatch may reference an "ill-fated" game from the year 1984. The game was first referenced in the season three episode Playtest.

Little is known about Black Mirror's upcoming fifth season, though Miley Cyrus was reportedly in Cape Town recently to film an episode.

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