Sacha Baron Cohen humiliates politician with fake paedophile detector

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Tuesday, 31 July 2018, 2:42PM

In the latest episode of Sacha Baron Cohen's TV show 'Who Is America' Cohen-as-Morad sits down with former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, R. and "Morad" brought along "the latest Israeli gadget": a wand that detects paedophiles.

Back in December of last year Moore lost a special election to fill an empty Alabama Senate seat to the Democratic candidate, Doug Jones, amid allegations that when Moore was a local prosecutor in his 30s, he initiated a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl.

Following a very awkward which you can watch above, Moore ends the interview. "I am simply cutting this conversation right now," he says. "Good night. I support Israel. I don't support this kind of stuff."

The episode also features another of Cohen's characters in a rap battle.

The previous episodes of 'Who is America?' have generated other controversies. Republican Georgia lawmaker Jason Spencer resigned from his seat after his appearance on the show, in which he dropped his pants and repeatedly used the n-word. He also got former vice president Dick Cheney to sign a fake waterboard kit, and several Republican politicians to endorse a fake program that would arm toddlers.

'Who Is America?" is screening on Sky Channel Soho and streaming on Neon.

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