'Summer Heights High' creator Chris Lilley announces new Netflix series!

Publish Date
Thursday, 11 April 2019, 10:32AM

Comedian Chris Lilley, known for so many iconic characters, has announced his return after signing a deal for a new 10-part Netflix series.

The Australian star has developed a cult fandom with his collection of spoof documentaries, which follow the lives of characters including privileged schoolgirl Ja’mie, teacher Mr G and troubled schoolboy Jonah Takalua.

The new show, Lunatics, hits Netflix on April 19!

It follows the story of six new characters including Becky, a 7’3″ tall Uni student, Quentin, a ponytailed real estate agent who aspires to be a DJ, as well as Joyce, a former adult film star now living in suburbia and Jana, a pet psychic to the stars.

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