Watch Sacha Baron Cohen brilliantly troll another US Politician in Ep 2 of Who Is America?

Publish Date
Tuesday, 24 July 2018, 9:53AM

If you haven't watched Sacha Baron Cohen's new show 'Who Is America?' yet you need to immediately!

In this clip from Episode 2, he trolls US politician Jason Spencer so brilliantly.

Naturally, after looking like a complete idiot, Jason Spencer went on the offensive saying he was exploited by the show creators.

The team at New York Magazine compared some of his performance in the show with his statement.

'Who Is America?' is a half-hour series from comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, in his return to series television for the first time in more than a decade in the genre he created first in Da Ali G Show. In the works over the past year, 'Who Is America?' explores the diverse individuals who populate our unique nation, and features Baron Cohen experimenting in the playground of 2018 America.

'Who Is America?' is screening now on Soho SKY TV Channel 10.