Which 'Game Of Thrones' Star Almost Played Jon Snow...

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Friday, 29 April 2016, 11:11AM


We're all know the 'Game of Thrones' character Ramsay Bolton played by Iwan Rheon. 

Over the last few seasons, Ramsay has tortured Theon Greyjoy into near-oblivion and raped and tortured Sansa Stark after forcing her into marriage. His character is so loathsome that when The Atlantic asked readers to vote on “the actual worst character on television” he won over Hannibal’s cannibalistic sociopath Hannibal Lecter and even won over Joffrey!!!

But things could have been so different for him. In recent articles in both the New York Times and Interview it was revealed that Rheon originally auditioned to play someone else entirely - Jon Snow. Of course the role went to Kit Harington.

He didn't get the part but he did make a lasting impression during his audition. When it came to cast Bolton, he got the call up for season 3. 

It's hard to imagine anyone other than Harington playing Jon Snow now and Rheon seems to agree: “I think they made the right choice,” he told Interview. “It would’ve been a very different Jon Snow if I’d played him.”

h/t: zmonline.com

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