Live’s Hit Album Turning 30 Ahead of New Zealand Tour!

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Monday, 18 March 2024, 12:28PM

The monstrous third album by Pennsylvania rockers Live ‘Throwing Copper’ is turning 30 on April 26th ahead of their 2 stop tour of New Zealand.

Throwing Copper has typically been regarded as Live's strongest album with some reviews saying,"a solid beast from front to back" and “The band strive for an epic sound and successfully execute on that goal". Throwing Copper of course boasts some of the band's biggest hits such as Lighting Crashes, I Alone, All Over you and Selling The Drama.

Famously produced by Talking Head’s Jerry Harrision at Pachyderm Recording Studio in Cannon Falls, the album made it to number #1 on the US Billboard 200 and to date has gone 8x Platinum in America by selling 8 million copies there alone.

The album cover was also a favourite to be hung up in flats across the country, the original cover art painting selling at auction in 2005 for $186,000 (the more you know)

Our very own Angie Grey had a chance to chat with Live frontman, Ed Howalczyk and ask him about the album. He had this to say..

“...Throwing Copper, I wouldn't say it's my favorite, because, they're all kind of my favorites.  Just the arrangement and the recording and the mix of this one, every time I hear it, and it's funny because I just heard, I hadn't heard it for a little while on the radio here in the States, and I was just absolutely blown away by how amazing it still sounds, sonically, and the performance..”

You can catch Live and undoubtedly hear ‘Throwing Copper’ when they head to New Zealand thanks to Goodvibes Promotions and Radio Hauraki with x2 stops in Christchurch on April 2nd and Auckland on April 4th

Ticket sare on sale now - get your tickets here!

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