Angels & Airwaves share new "Spellbound" video directed by Tom DeLonge

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Sunday, 12 September 2021, 4:29PM

Angels & Airwaves slow it down in the music video for "Spellbound," the band' latest single from their upcoming album 'LIFEFORMS', which drops later this month.

"Spellbound" is the fourth single from AVA's highly-anticipated sixth album, their first since releasing The Dream Walker in 2014. Previously released tracks include "Euphoria," "Restless Souls" and "Losing My Mind."

Directed by AVA's own Tom DeLonge, the steady beat and smooth guitar combined with DeLonge's vocals fit the bewitching theme of "Spellbound," NME reports. The visuals fall in line with the tone, with much of the darker video brightened by pops of bright colors through "laser banding," a process that projected a cube of lasers that centered AVA's performance.

Check out Angels & Airwaves' new video for "Spellbound" above.

While the singles AVA has released so far have had a heavier synthpop sound, per NME, DeLonge teased that 'LIFEFORMS' will "go more raw and punk, with more guitars."

"Computers have made everything so easy, which is fun when you're dancing with your friends at a bar," he said, "but sometimes you want something to hit you the way punk bands hit us when we were younger."

After making an appearance at Lollapalooza in July, AVA is set to hit the road later this month to tour their new album.

'LIFEFORMS' drops September 24.

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