Cold War Kids' Nathan Willett shares video of his daughter singing his song

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Tuesday, 20 April 2021, 7:39AM
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Nathan Willett just had a full circle moment. When he wrote Cold War Kids' biggest hit "Hang Me Up To Dry" 15 years ago, he probably wasn't expecting his daughter to sing the song one day — especially a kid shared with his then ex, who was the subject of the lyrics. But on Sunday night (April 18), the vocalist shared a grateful Instagram post about his 7-year-old performing the track, complete with video.

"When you write a song about your ex and then it gets popular and you get back together and now have a 7 year old kid that sings that same song at her KID ROW performance 15 years later and you realized how grateful you are to have fans that made it possible to do what you love the most in the world to pour every part of yourself in to music and then pass that on to your kids is the greatest gift," he wrote in a slide, while giving the post a cheeky caption that reads:

"Warning ; nepotistic- artist- post- alert ‘oh my gawd I’m so proud of my child because they are like ME and will now advance my own career !’ A la Steven Tyler + LIV circa CRYIN era creepy , but sorry had to post anyway ."

No need to apologise, Nathan, because we're here for it! See the adorable post below.


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