Dave Grohl says he doesn’t feel comfortable singing Nirvana songs

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Tuesday, 12 January 2021, 1:56PM
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In a new interview with Classic Rock magazine, Dave Grohl opened up about not being able to sing Nirvana songs as well as the dreams he has about the late Kurt Cobain.

In the article, as reported by Kerrang!, The Foo Fighters frontman, and former Nirvana drummer, confessed that he'll still dream about the iconic grunge band from time to time.

“I have that dream at least once or twice a year, and have done for the past 24 years,” he said.

So what exactly happens in these dreams? Well, it may surprise you.

“I still have dreams that we’re in Nirvana, that we’re still a band. I still dream there’s an empty arena waiting for us to play,” he explained.

In those dreams, he said Cobain also makes an appearance in them and it's always before they're supposed to hit the stage.

“Kurt just appears – like he’s been in hiding. We look at him and go,​‘What the f***?! Where have you been?’” he said. “And we’ve got a gig in an hour, and I get this feeling, like,​ ‘Oh my gosh, I get to play these songs again.'”

As for singing those songs when he's not dreaming, Grohl admitted that he can't bring himself to sing Nirvana's songs even after all this time.

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable singing a song that Kurt sang. I feel perfectly at home playing those songs on the drums. And I love playing them with Krist and Pat and another vocalist,” he explained. “I don’t sit down at home and run through Smells Like Teen Spirit by myself. It’s just a reminder that the person who is responsible for those beautiful songs is no longer with us. It’s bittersweet.”

This article was first published on iheart.com and is republished here with permission

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