Foo Fighters enlist Jason Sudeikis as their Swim Coach in new music video

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Friday, 19 November 2021, 7:04AM

Jason Sudeikis delivers an impassioned speech to the Foo Fighters ahead of their synchronized swim competition, declaring that their lifts need to be "higher than Christ" in the new music video for "Love Dies Young." Confessing that he does not pay his taxes and that the team's toe points suck, his speech ensures that the Foo Fighters will deliver a good show.

The rest of the band (minus Pat Smear) sits huddled in their floral swimsuits and bedazzled swim caps, each of them strutting to the pool. Their faces remain CGI'd onto the swimmer's bodies while they prepare to dive into the pool and go through their performance.

However, nearly everything that can go wrong in the show does. One swimmer drowns, the rest of the group trying to revive them while Sudeikis dances in front of the judges to distract their view and make sure they cannot see what is actually going on in the pool. Smear finally makes an appearance toward the end of the video, where he is seen cleaning up the pool.

While the "Love Dies Young" music video sees the Foo Fighters diving into comedy, the band is also preparing to release a horror film that will document their time recording Medicine At Midnight. The movie will take place in the seemingly haunted mansion where they recorded their most recent album.

The band was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last month, with Paul McCartney doing the honors. McCartney drew parallels between his own career and Dave Grohl's, the former Beatles member reflecting on how the two needed to leave their respective bands (McCartney with the Beatles, and Grohl with Nirvana) to create a career of their own.

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