Foo Fighters fan unearths earliest known live footage of band from 1995

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Friday, 6 March 2020, 8:26AM

The earliest-known concert footage of Foo Fighters from March 4, 1995 has been unveiled 25 years after the show and it's never been seen by anyone apart from the owner until now!

The gig was at Velvet Elvis Arts Lounge Theatre and marks Foo Fighters' fourth show ever and first public show in Seattle. The footage was shot by a fan named Travis who had heard about the show and was a massive Nirvana fan.

“Today, on the 25th anniversary of the show, we are very proud to bring to you this special video, now the earliest known footage of the band in existence! Previously the first known video came from two months later in May 1995, on the Mike Watt tour,” FooFightersLive posted on its site.

The video is a little over 42 minutes and features songs like “I’ll Stick Around,” “For All the Cows,” “Podunk” and more and it's incredible to watch.

If the video makes you nostalgic, you can relive the band's early days this summer.

Foo Fighters are currently celebrating their 25th anniversary and recently announced the lineup for D.C. Jam Festival on the Fourth of July and also dropped a headlining tour. Dave Grohl has also given fans some updates about a new Foo Fighters album and information about the documentary he's making.

To celebrate its anniversary, the band also shared an incredible throwback photo from its first gig at a keg party.

The Foo Fighters' full setlist was as follows:




“Big Me”


“For All the Cows”

“I’ll Stick Around”

“Alone + Easy Target”



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