Gene Simmons tests positive for COVID-19

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Wednesday, 1 September 2021, 8:54AM
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Just days after his KISS bandmate Paul Stanley tested positive for COVID-19, Gene Simmons has shared that he has also contracted the highly contagious virus. On Tuesday (August 31), the band announced its next four End of the Road tour dates will be postponed.

"Gene Simmons has now tested positive and is experiencing mild symptoms," KISS informed their fans. "The band and crew will remain at home and isolate for the next 10 days and doctors have indicated the tour should be able to resume on September 9th at FivePoint Amphitheatre in Irvine, CA."

Simmons case was caught amid precautions following Stanley's diagnosis. The bassist told TMZ Live everyone who came into contact with Stanley on tour was quarantining and being regularly tested. The entire band and crew are reportedly fully vaccinated, as well, making these breakthrough cases.

On Monday (August 30), Stanley shared the news that he has fully recovered from COVID. "My COVID symptoms were MILD compared to many others and let me tell you... It kicked my ass," he told his followers. "It's over now."

Ahead of his diagnosis, Simmons voiced his support for a vaccine mandate. "The idea that somebody says, 'It's my body and my choice' is so idiotic. What freedom? The freedom to infect everybody else?" he asked. "Seven hundred thousand Americans—close to it—are dead because of COVID. Of course it should be a law."

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