Guitar Used By Slash In Early Guns N' Roses Days Up For Sale

Publish Date
Thursday, 13 October 2016, 11:46AM

A Guitar used by Slash in the early days of Guns N' Roses is up for sale. It's expected to reach up to $80K at auction. 

Slash has signed the body of the guitar and also drawn his signature skull and crossbones logo and written “R&Fn R.” It comes with a letter of authenticity also signed by Slash.

During 1985 and 1986, Slash performed publicly with the guitar 18 times on stage with Guns N’ Roses, more than any other guitar he used during this period. It was also the guitar he used during his audition for the band Poison in March 1985.

It was used to write classic GNR hits "Welcome To The Jungle" and "Sweet Child Of Mine". The Warlock can be heard on the band’s independent EP Live?!*@ Like a Suicide and 1988 release Lies.

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