Javis Cocker Knew He Would Be Famous

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Monday, 22 September 2014, 12:30PM

Jarvis Cocker always thought he'd be famous.

The Pulp frontman didn't find success with the band until over 15 years after they had formed, but he insists they always knew deep down that they'd make it big.

Asked if he always felt he'd be famous, he said: "For some reason we did, although we had nothing to base it on. It was important to us to try and be a pop group and have something on the radio and for it to, somehow, be a track to someone's life."

Jarvis, 50, believes a desire to be on stage points to "character defects" in a person, and admits knowing fame didn't complete him in the way he expected was "difficult" to deal with.

He explained to OK! magazine: "The reasons for wanting to stand on a stage and show off and have everybody look at you probably points to some character defects.

"I think that art or the things you make are sometimes an attempt by a person to manufacture the bit that's missing from their personality or their life, so they make this thing they think will fill the gap and make them all right, but that doesn't always work...

"And if it doesn't work and it doesn't turn you into a proper person, that can be a difficult thing to deal with."

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