Liam Gallagher Live In Auckland!

“What a f**king great crowd, I’d play for you every week if you weren’t so f**king far away…"

International acts are back and Gallagher kicked it off last night with an absolute hiss and a roar.

“What's New, Zealand,” he yelled into the mic, before adopting the trademark hands behind back stance and kicking into Oasis classic Hello.

Thousands of fans were singing, arms in the air, and people on shoulders in the crowd. The atmosphere was absolutely electric and every crowd shot on the big screens reflected that. Some seemed to be in tears, all were singing. Nobody was having a bad night.

Check out all the photos from the gig and the set list!

- Hello (Oasis song)
- Rock 'n' Roll Star (Oasis song)
- Morning Glory (Oasis song)
- Wall of Glass
- Everything's Electric
- Better Days
- Stand by Me (Oasis song)
- Roll It Over (Oasis song)
- Slide Away (Oasis song)
- Soul Love (Beady Eye song)
- More Power
- Diamond in the Dark
- Once
- Cigarettes & Alcohol (Oasis song)
- Wonderwall (Oasis song)
- Live Forever (Oasis song)
- Supersonic (Oasis song)
- Champagne Supernova(Oasis song)