Linkin Park reveals "One Step Closer" lyric Chester Bennington didn't love

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Wednesday, 25 March 2020, 6:51PM

On Tuesday (March 24) Linkin Park members Mike Shinoda, Dave Farrell, and Joe Hahn took to YouTube to live stream their reaction to concert footage from 2001.

The concert the guys were viewing was from a San Diego show in February 2001 on the Street Soldiers Tour. At the time, Linkin Park was supporting “Falling” and Shinoda noted the gig was before HYBRID THEORY was certified platinum.

Thousands of fans joined the guys on YouTube where they talked about the early days in the band, least favorite songs, and most importantly their hair.

“Chester looks like Eminem's fan from that 'Stan' video” Hahn said. Shinoda also got flack for his blue-grey hair that looked more like the Golden Girls.

He also made fun of himself for using a lot of gel at the time. “We were going through so much of it,” he said. “We were dying our own hair. We were cutting each other's hair and putting Rite-Aid garbage in our hair… we had a platinum record and never had a hairstylist.”

Shinoda made an interesting remark about the band's song “Pushing Me Away” after Farrell and Hahn both admitted they didn't like the song.

“I think without that song we wouldn't have written 'Numb,'” Shinoda shared. “We needed to beat that song… we needed a song that was like that song but better than that song.”

He also revealed the lyrics to “One Step Closer” that Chester Bennington wasn't sure of when they were writing.

“I think I came up with most of the verse and he [Chester] came up with most of the chorus. I had the idea for the bridge just saying 'shut up' and he was kinda like, 'uh, maybe… yeah, sure.'” Thankfully, he listened to his bandmate and recorded it!

You can watch the whole stream above.

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