Listen to the new Bakers Eddy song "My Baby's Like Cigarettes"

Publish Date
Thursday, 11 November 2021, 2:05PM

Our own Bakers Eddy have gifted fans with "My Baby’s Like Cigarettes", an irresistibly catchy love song like no other & brand-new offering from their eagerly anticipated debut album, 'Love Boredom Bicycles' (out Mar 25, 2022).

"My Baby’s Like Cigarettes" (which contains excellent lines like, “My baby’s electrolytes, she’s good for me”) is a love song that in another band’s hands, might have ended up as a soppy ballad, but here its tenderness is cloaked in a healthy dose of humour and the band’s signature energy. Awash with nostalgia and sky-reaching guitars, Bakers Eddy continue to serve up mammoth singalongs that beg to be heard in their element, live onstage.

Speaking on the new single the band said: “It’s about the push and pull in relationships and the ups and downs, cause sometimes one minute you’re cuddling in the kitchen, the next chef knives are flying across the room. It’s never always perfect but that’s part of it.”

The track is brought to life by the video, directed by Triana Hernandez, where the band throw themselves head-first into a playful DIY baking show which quickly journeys the colourful, euphoric and chaotic ups & downs of relationships

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