Listen to the new song from DUAL called "Two Hands Up"

Publish Date
Friday, 23 April 2021, 11:08AM

Indie-electronic duo DUAL deliver fans their first taste of new music for 2021.

Known for their eclectic blend of musical influences, DUAL’s latest track "Two Hands Up" is an elevating banger inspired by those different flavours. The duality in their sound is a thing of beauty. Jamie was captivated from a young age by the larger-than-life energy of Led Zeppelin, inspiring his approach to DUAL’s live set.

Playing in the background of Maurice’s household was an eclectic cocktail of anything from Jamiroquai and The Clash to The Horrors.

Coming from a classically trained vocal background, the sheer power and rip-roaring energy in Miller’s voice naturally progressed and developed as the years went by. “We were all drawn to make something high energy and up lifting,” says Maurice of "Two Hands Up", “It was the end of 2020 which everyone was looking forward to so we wanted to create something that would get people up and moving and feel good.”

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