Marilyn Manson's New York show ends with on-stage meltdown

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018, 10:17AM
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It wasn't Marilyn Manson's finest moment.

Fans who attended the 49-year-old performer's concert at The Paramount in Huntington, New York, were displeased after he showed up 90 minutes late to the gig before a pitifully-abbreviated show, according to DailyMail.

According to Newsday, Manson emerged in a wheelchair, integrating his injury into the act, and rattled off three songs - "The Reflecting God", "Deep Six" and "This is the New Shit" - at which point he began demanding the audience show him affection if they wanted him to continue performing.

His accompanying band was confused, leading to a number of songs starting and stopping, prior to leaving the stage, the paper reported.

Restless fans started chanting for a refund and throwing plastic cups toward the stage, at which point Manson returned to the stage for an extended stream-of-consciousness rant punctuated by foul language.

Other strange displays of behaviour The Beautiful People singer displayed in the shortened gig included overturning an amplifier and calling the neighbouring state of New Jersey - where he's slated to play on Friday - a "s***hole," TMZ reported.

The Dope Show artist, who had a cast on his leg, abruptly left the show, which was in support of his new record Heaven Upside Down, TMZ reported, noting that security ordered fans to leave the venue.

Concertgoer Sean Walz, 28, said: "You can't even call this a show: I've been a fan since I was five-years-old. I grew up listening to him, but he's dead to me at this point."

Victoria Kaufmann, 21, said "it was disappointing," adding that she believed Manson "was too messed up and couldn't perform" properly.

Trisha Bernardo, 32, said that the musical artist, whose real name is Brian Warner, "couldn't even talk" and that the show "was horrible".

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